Software Required

TVlizer is best viewd with Firefox 3.5+ or IE7+ (both in 1024×768 screen resolution or higher). This website is mainly based on HTML5 code, which is compatible with most recent browsers and smartphone/tablets OS, like Android and IOS from Apple.

For a better experience you should install the following software programs, in order to watch all media presented on TVlizer:

  • * Windows Media Player 10+ >> DOWNLOAD
  • * Adobe Flash Player, latest update >> DOWNLOAD
  • * Real Player 10+ >> DOWNLOAD
  • * Codec pack for different video decoding, we suggest CCCP >> DOWNLOAD
  • * Quicktime, latest version >> DOWNLOAD
  • * JavaScript instalada, latest version >> DOWNLOAD
  • * And again Firefox 3.5 or plus (we do recommend it, fdownload Firefox here)

Broken Channels

Here at TVlizer we don’t stream these channels, all channels are streamed by third party entities, so we can not control the stream’s quality nor functionality. If you want to see a channel and it is offline, wait and try again some hours after. If the channel don’t start for more than 48 hours, inform us. Just hit on the “REPORT CHANNEL” button below each channel player. We try to fix every channel on a daily basis, if we can not fix it then the channel will be removed.

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