Software Required

TVlizer is best viewd with Firefox 3.5+ or IE7+ (both in 1024×768 screen resolution or higher). This website is mainly based on HTML5 code, which is compatible with most recent browsers and smartphone/tablets OS, like Android and IOS from Apple.

For a better experience you should install the following software programs, in order to watch all media presented on TVlizer:

  • * Windows Media Player 10+ >> DOWNLOAD
  • * Adobe Flash Player, latest update >> DOWNLOAD
  • * Real Player 10+ >> DOWNLOAD
  • * Codec pack for different video decoding, we suggest CCCP >> DOWNLOAD
  • * Quicktime, latest version >> DOWNLOAD
  • * JavaScript instalada, latest version >> DOWNLOAD
  • * And again Firefox 3.5 or plus (we do recommend it, fdownload Firefox here)